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Continuing Education for Independent Dealers - 2015

Now's the time for independent dealers to take their continuing education to get a jump on license renewal. This year's training is filled with extras that not only will benefit dealers, but will also be of great assistance to dealership staff. The AICE 2015 Continuing Education Program­topics covered include IRS Cash Reporting on Form 8300, How and When to Use Powers of Attorney, GLB Safeguards Rule for Managers, and hot law enforcement concerns about Exempt Odometers, DMS concerns about disclosing title brands and more. Not only does this course meet the requirements for continuing education for independent dealers, it also serves as a valuable training tool for business office, sales and F&I staff. Since this program includes three other AICE training programs that each cost $18.95, by taking this training you will save $36.90! Don't delay --­

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Have You Thought About Becoming a Car Dealer in Florida?

If you love the thrill of buying cars at auction and selling them to customers, friends and family, you may want to consider becoming a car dealer in Florida. Many people who either want second incomes or who no longer find it rewarding to work for someone else are moving toward becoming licensed independent (used car) dealers. But they are not taking the traditional route.

When you think about a typical dealership you picture a large (or small) lot with many cars in inventory, several employees, and a building that has several sales offices and facilities to accommodate buyers and staff. But that's not the model that many recently licensed used car dealers are following. Instead, they are opting for a location that meets the minimum State of Florida location requirements and are stocking no more than one to three cars (or trucks or motorcycles) at a time. Many are also encouraging customers to let them know exactly what they are looking for and the dealer will travel to various auctions to find the right motor vehicle for the right person.

This approach keeps overhead and start-up costs way down, compared to the traditional lot. It also keeps the need for staff at a minimum. What makes this model successful -- besides low overhead and start-up costs -- however, is having a strong presence on the internet, getting the word out through family and friends, and establishing solid relationships with lenders who will provide financing to your customers.

But this doesn't mean that it's easy and that there are no risks. There are always risks in any new venture. The key is to learn as much as possible before stepping out and to make sure that you pay attention to the details in all areas of the car business such as: knowing who your customers will be and what types of cars they will buy, wholesale and retail car prices, cash requirements for inventory and operational costs, lender criteria, and regulations, to name a few.

As a provider of pre-licensing training approved by the Florida Division of Motorist Services we offer convenient online training for all types of motor vehicle, RV and mobile home dealer licenses. And to make sure every one of our customers has the best chance of getting licensed, we provide free technical support for up to 30 days after the training has been completed. We're there to answer any additional questions you may have and to provide the details you need to get up and running. And we do this at a very competitive price and provide a convenient and easy way to learn.

To learn more about our online courses click here. If you have additional questions, contact us by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you!





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IRS Form 8300 must be completed by  trades and businesses receiving cash payments of more than $10,000.

Have you reported cash transactions over $10,000 to the IRS? Do you know what is considered cash and what is not? Are you aware of the penalties for not reporting these transactions on Form 8300 to the IRS within 15 days of receiving the cash?
All businesses must know about these requirements. The penalties are severe for non-compliance. Learn what you need to know about how and when to report these transactions by taking the AICE course on "Reporting Cash Payments Over $10,000 (IRS Form 8300)" for only $18.95!

Don't be caught off guard. Learn now by clicking here.
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